Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to sign the commit form?

Your signing the commitment form is the first step in joining Team ILP. This lets us accurately assess number of runners/walkers we have and how many teams we can field. Since ILP will be making an upfront financial commitment by registering teams for the relay (entry fee of $960 borne by ILP), it is important for us to have signed commitment forms from the runners/walkers.

What if I am unable to participate in the relay due to unforeseen circumstances after signing the commit form?

Team ILP will make a good faith effort to recruit backup runners to take the place of runners who are unable to run the relay. Runners who have signed the commitment forms will still be required to fulfill their fundraising commitments. The pledges raised can be carried over to the next year and runners can run the relay next year, if they are so inclined and able.

Will donors who contribute to my pledge drive get receipts?

ILP is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization. All donors will get a receipt from ILP for the amount they registered. Receipts will typically reach donors within 1 month after ILP receives the donation.

I have friends who are interested in helping Team ILP but are not interested in the running/walking part. Can they still help?

Friends who are not interested in running but still want to support Team ILP can do so by

(1) volunteering for weekend group run logistics support

(2) volunteering over the relay weekend to man relay exchange points

(3) volunteering to drive the team vans over the relay weekend.

For more details, please send email to ilp@ilpnet.org Folks interested in volunteering for ILP can also contact ilp-ca@ilpnet.org.