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I walk/run so they can read (in spite of COVID-19, but within constraints)

I enrolled in the Golden Gate Relay this year as part of Team ILP like I have every year.. for the past eight years. Twelve team members take turns to do 24 legs. From Petaluma to Santa Cruz in California. 125 miles.
The reason: Many Many kids in India have no idea of the world outside their little hamlets or villages. They are curious and hungry for knowledge. And over the past two decades India Literacy Project (ILP) has been making a difference for them. ILP has been doing unique work in several parts of India to unlock the potential of today’s children – our future citizens.  By finding innovative methods of funding, organizing, educating and empowering communities, ILP has been working for long term impact. We run/walk to raise funds for ILP so they can continue their mission year after year.

But Alas! COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our grand plans and training schedules. The Relay was to be held this May 2nd and 3rd. But with shelter-in-place orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19 that run till May 31st, the Relay was cancelled. During these trying times, ILP has been lending a supportive hand to trapped migrant families in India through its NGO networks across 7 states with essential food supplies to tide them through their shelter-in-place orders.

ILP’s valuable literacy work however must go on… COVID-19 will be vanquished in the near future – it’s a matter of time.  And when that happens, ILP and the NGOs it supports must be able to pick up and hit the road running to catch up the children to all that they have missed and get them going on their road to being valuable citizens of our world. To that effect, Team ILP members pledge to participate in a shelter-in-place run/walk Relay event over the weekend of June 3rd & 4th. We will run/walk individual legs of at least 6 miles each day – the distance we would have covered during our annual ILP Relay event. And we are reaching out to our wonderful patrons to open their generous hearts and wallets and continue to support ILP this year like every other year. Counting on you all…

My goal for June 2 & 3… 15 miles

Your dollars and impact

Here is a rough idea on how much your dollars can impact a program

$1000 : Support an interactive classroom with science kits and digital lessons for 300 children
$500 : Support a library program to improve reading for 500 children
$250 : Support career counselling and guidance for high school students
$120 : Support hands on science kits for 300 children
$50 : Support retention of 2 children in school
$25 : Support enrolling a child into a mainstream school

ILP has received Guidestar Seal of Transparency

Minnie Uppuluri

ILP Tax Id: 36-3779020