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I am running in the relay this year as part of Team ILP. Twelve of us take turns for 36 legs. From Calistoga to Santa Cruz in California. 200 miles. This year we are running on May 2nd and May 3rd.

The reason: Many Many kids in India have no idea of the world outside their little hamlets or villages. They are curious, they are hungry for knowledge and education. And over the past two decades there has been someone to help. ILP( India Literacy Project) has been doing some unique work in several parts of India to unlock the potential by finding innovative methods of funding, organizing and empowering communities for long term impact. We run to raise funds for ILP so they can continue their mission year after year.

Your dollars and impact

Here is a rough idea on how much your dollars can impact a program

$1000 : Support an interactive classroom with science kits and digital lessons for 300 children
$500 : Support a library program to improve reading for 500 children
$250 : Support career counselling and guidance for high school students
$120 : Support hands on science kits for 300 children
$50 : Support retention of 2 children in school
$25 : Support enrolling a child into a mainstream school

ILP has received Guidestar Seal of Transparency

ILP Tax Id: 36-3779020